The Digital Visual Interface (hereinafter after DVI) standard provides a high-speed digital connection for visual data types that is display technology independent. The interface is primarily focused at providing a connection between a computer and its display device. The DVI specification meets the needs of all segments of the PC industry (workstation, desktop, laptop, etc.) and will enable these different segments to unite around one monitor interface specification.

The DVI interface enables:

  1. Content to remain in the lossless digital domain from creation to consumption.
  2. Display technology independence.
  3. Plug and play through hot plug detection, EDID and DDC2B.
  4. Digital and Analog support in a single connector.


  • All our cables are double shielded to prevent RF Interference even in the most electronically noisy environments.
  • All our cables use low resistance and low capacitance 24 gauge wire to ensure peak performance.
  • Our VGA cables comply with UL 2919 specifications.
  • Our Keyboard and Mouse Cables comply with UL 2464 specifications


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