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With industry experience and product knowledge, RAYTEC understands and meets your needs better:

In-house design and engineering services mean that we can help you design a better solution. The latest production methods and equipment means that we can build a better solution. Key relationships with suppliers and superior inventory management mean that we can deliver a better solution-quickly.

From copper cables to complex wire harnesses, from engineering and design support to repair and refurbishment, RAYTEC can help you make the connection between reliability, quality and value.

Customized Interconnect Solutions

Imaginative concept or a simple variant of a standard design? From concept through manufacturing, the modular process we use to design and manufacture cables permits customization at any step in the process.
Our core competencies include high density cable solutions for high-performance applications, controlled impedance assemblies and a full line of SCSI I/O solutions including terminators.

RAYTEC Capabilities:

  • Vertical integration - connector fabrication/wire extrusion to molding
  • Custom wire extrusion - tri-lead, twin-axial, shielding, pairing, jacket material, controlled impedance and foamed dielectrics
  • Prototyping to high volume production
  • In-house CAD and documentation capabilities
  • Wide selection of pre-designed molds
  • PCB layout, fabrication and encapsulation
  • PVC, TPE, FEP, SJT, PVC, PU, PE, ABS fabrication and molding
  • Injection molding - cable assemblies and components
  • ISO 9002 registered lead factory
  • State-of-the-art testing equipment and procedure



Pre-Designed Interconnect Solutions

We manufacture cables for almost every popular computing platform and application. Our selection of pre-designed molds can be used for a variety of applications significantly decreasing start-up costs and time to market.

Line Card:

  • IBM PC compatible cables and accessories
  • Parallel, serial and EPP/ECP
  • IEEE 1284 bi-tronics printer and plotter cables
  • Modem, null modem and communication cables and adaptors
  • Keyboard and mouse cables and adapters
  • Monitor/video and multimedia cables and adapters
  • Switchbox cables, gender changers/adapters
  • Floppy and hard drive cables
  • Power cords and drive power cables
  • Macintosh compatible cables and accessories
  • Serial modem cables
  • Macintosh to PC communication cables, terminated and unterminated
  • Serial extension/switchbox cables
  • Apple desktop bus cables
  • Video cables and adapters
  • SCSI active and passive terminators
  • SCSI-1,2,3-ultra-2, upper 8 byte terminated SCSI cables
  • SCSI ribbon assemblies - PVC, TPE, FEP
  • Networking cables
  • Level 3 & 5 10 base T cables
  • Token ring cables
  • PCMCIA (PC card) cables
  • Universal serial bus cables and connectors
  • IEEE 1394 cables
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